TECHSpiration: Creative Media Lab

What is the Creative Media Lab?

A space to discover new technology, capture old memories, and create and share new ones.



What will I find in the Creative Media Lab?

Six (6) unique areas designed to help you manage your media:

New! Scan your photo negatives!


Slide Scanning: This device will allow you to take your old 35 mm slides and convert them to a digital file.

Video Capture: Convert and preserve those old VHS or 8mm tapes into a digital recording to share. If the video is 1 hour, the conversion time will take 1 hour but the end result is timeless.

Picture Scanning: Use a Kodak Picture Scanner to quickly scan different size photos into a jpeg file. Must have a USB flash drive to save the picture files.


DVD Duplicator/Cassette Copier Station: Make 1 to 3 copies of your DVDs with lightning speed or take your old audio cassettes and move them to CDs. Please note the cassette to CD process is in real-time.

Studio 450: Use your own camera or the Library's Sony Camcorder or 3D Bloggie to capture your own creation in our Studio 450 utilizing a green screen, lighting and Yeti microphones.

Movie Editing Station: Use an iMAC and iMovie to create and edit a movie.

Will there be instructions available for the equipment?


Yes. We have "getting started" manuals for each station. In addition, if you'd like to get a head start feel free to go through the tutorials below. If you think you may need extra assistance, please schedule an appointment by emailing us at


Slide Scanning Station Tutorials/Manual:


"Getting Started" Manual


Video Demonstration


iMovie Tutorials:


"Getting Started" Manual


Video Demonstration


VHS-DVD Converter:


"Getting Started"


Creative Media Lab Software List



Creative Media Lab Guidelines


The Creative Media Lab is restricted to adults, High School students, Middle School students, or Elementary School students with an adult present. Children
preschool or younger are not allowed in the Creative Media Lab except with permission of a library staff member.


Reservations for the Creative Media Lab are recommended and can be made online.


The Creative Media Lab closes 30 minutes prior to the library closing.  Any projects left at closing may be collected at opening the next day.  If the project is not collected and a patron is waiting to use the equipment, a library staff member will set the project aside.


The Creative Media Lab has five (5) stations and a studio.  Each station is limited to three (3) people and the studio may have a maximum of ten (10) people.   


For access to the Creative Media Lab, you must check out the key on a valid library card.   A driver’s license or school identification must be left at the Customer Service Desk in exchange for a key to the CML.  Only one (1) key per station will be available. If the key is lost, a $10 fee will be assessed to cardholder who checked out the key.


For additional policy information please visit our Operational Policy.


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